2 Gedanken zu „Zeraphine in Berlin on 08-Mai-2010“

  1. Mr. Berlin,I must admit to being a veritable nmecoewr to your vast fandom, discovering KQUE in the early ’90 s, and soon you were shifted over to KBME, even saddled with my old buddy Tim Collins (just kidding about the saddled part).I’ve so missed you’re signature selections, from Leon Redbone to Bob Scobey w/ Clancy Hayes, from Miss Ella to Crystal Gayle.Even more, I’ve missed the wonderful anecdotes that accompany so many and for which I’ve always got a minute. I can go to AllRecords to find the tunes, but even Mr. Fred doesn’t have any Paul Berlin on CD or even vinyl.I can recall that during the waning days of KBME, you played Aaron Neville’s version of You Never Can Tell every day for about two weeks. Was there any reason beyond partiality for that particular ditty? C’est la vie, huh?I do have a request my late Dad never laughed so hard as when his car radio would treat us to Slim Whitman’s It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie. (I’m conjuring up his smile as I type!) Can you bring a tear to these aging eyes?Lastly, are you familiar with the work of a band named the Royal Crown Revue? If not, let me know (I’ll be listening!) and I can rectify that. I’m quite certain you’ll enjoy both the talent and the personality of these guys.Thank you, sir just thank you!!P.S. Loved your singing on tonight’s show.

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