Ein Gedanke zu „Zeraphine in Berlin, 23-Okt-2010“

  1. a0Hey Paul, You and I go back a long, long time: I knew you when we worked on the Houston Live Stock Show coteitmems in the 1950 s and I have made many music requests of you over the years. It was aa0 great loss to music lovers when you went off the air. So happy you are back and us old geezers, along with others, can once again enjoy your stories and music. I am grateful for the WWII music youa0 played each December 7, I believe it was, and all the memories it recalled. Just great. At some point, maybe not during those shows, you played a recording by Alvino Ray (sp) where you did a voice over as though it was a broadcast from Chicago, I think, and you were the announcer of the time. It was the stations closing time for the day and you ended with good night and good morning . I don’t remember the song title now, but I think some of the words were nighty, night until tomorrow . Anyway, I think it would be a treat for your younger listeners to hear you do that again and I know I would enjoy it. Do you remember doing that? Thanks for the memories, Paul, and good luck and good wishes.

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