Saturday, Sep-25-2010

Dear tour diary,
Stuttgart, rain, everything is wet and cold. And it won’t change until we leave…
The venue ‘Universum’ is located in the city and below the groung, right next to an underground station, so it reminds us a little of “Subastage” in Karlsruhe. The one who finally arrived there doesn’t have to worry about the weather anymore unless he’d like to refill the stock of cymbal stands. A nice guy from the club explains the way to a small but very well-sorted drum shop where we really find what we were looking for. Loaded with all the steel we’re swimming back to the club. Dinner was great and the rest of the day was drowned by rain or whatever 😉

Good night.

3 thoughts on “Stuttgart”

  1. Wie, das Konzert war so schlimm, dass man die Erinnerungen mit alkoholischen Getränken wegspülen muss? Schade, ich fand es eigentlich ganz toll… :-(

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