New Website

We’re glad to finally present our new website to you and we hope you’ll like it. In case you find mistakes or bugs, please simply write a comment to this post. In addition to the new design there are some new functions compared to the old version of our homepage. You can post comments on special articles, you can subscribe to newsfeed of our tourdates, news, galleries so that you’re always informed whenever something changes here.

Some content is still in progress, you will have to wait a little for our shop, the new biography and new promotional photos…

Well, have fun exploring the website!

3 thoughts on “New Website”

  1. Hallo zusammen,

    wunderbar, dass es endlich etwas Neues von Euch zu sehen und zu hören gibt. Wir freuen uns auf die beiden Gigs in Leipzig! Allerdings gibt es da wohl ein Fehlerchen beim Veranstaltungsort im Oktober. Ich denke doch, dass es sich da um das Werk II handelt. Da sollte auch der Link in den Tourdaten geändert werden 😉

    Liebe Grüße –


  2. So much light in here!.. :)
    I found out that the old link didn’t lead to the old black website anymore, so there are no more bugs, I suppose. I greatly enjoy the new colours and the new structure! And it’s really nice to let people comment almost everything. Well done!! 😉

  3. Incredible!!
    Wait four years for this and here is 😀
    Just wanted to wish you succes with Witheout, going to be as good as the others albums ^^
    Hope to see you some day in my country!!
    Hugs and kisses from Argentina (Buenos Aires)
    And a specially kiss for you Sven (L)

    PD: My english is not perfect, sorry u.u

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