Show in Nuremberg today cancelled

Unfortunately we have to announce that the show today in Nuremberg has to be cancelled because one band member lies down with abdominal influenza. The good news: Together with the promoter we have already found an alternate date: January, 16th 2011, which has been confirmed one minute ago. Your tickets remain valid.
We assume and believe that the other shows this weekend will take place, because this disease is heavy but short, usually.

We apologise for the trouble caused. It’s too bad for us as well.

2 thoughts on “Show in Nuremberg today cancelled”

  1. Glad to hear from you guys !I wish Germany would be not so far away from me (1400 kms / 13 hours between Rennes and Berlin )But be sure I will come one day ! (not this year since I’ll go viintsig my sister in Houston in october)Cheers

  2. Nur eine bitte, schreibt das doch beim nächsten Fall auch unter Twitter, dann hätte ich mir die 100km hin und 100km zurück sparen können :(
    Davon abgesehen hoffe ich es geht dem betreffenden wieder gut. Sehen uns im Januar!

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