We’re glad to announce a few festivals where we will play this year. Like ZitaRock in Berlin, Castle Party in Bolkow (Poland), Amphi Festival in cologne and Atumn Ball in Hannover (more details at “tourdates” section).

Sven is releasing a new Solar Fake album on July 22nd and has some appearances at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig:
Fr, 10-JUN-2011 – Prelistening Party Solar Fake @ Darkflower
Sa, 11-JUN-2011 – Guestappearance “Destroid” @ Agra (afternoon)
Sa, 11-JUN-2011 – Guestappearance “Girls under Glass” @ Parkbuehne (evening)
Sa, 11-JUN-2011 – DJ @ Darkflower (night)

Svens upcoming DJ Sets:
02-APR-2011 – Stuttgart – Club Lehmann
29-JUL-2011 – Bielefeld – Ringlokschuppen

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